Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trip to Texas - (Part 1)

We've been so blessed to be able to make the trip to Texas once each year since Mark & Cristy moved there back in 2004. This was our 9th trip - how can the years go by so fast? We are always so thankful for the trips that they make up our direction (several a year), but it is so valuable for us to spend time with them in their own territory each year, as well. Such a huge treat to be in their home, and to get a glimpse of their full, busy lives with two in high school this year, one in elementary, and one in kindergarten. I want the years to slow down - these grandkids are all growing up too fast ...

(Counting 1000 Gifts in 2012 #838-855: our 9th trip to Texas / spending time with Mark & Cristy, Abigail, Crystal, Luke, and Brianna / safety in travel / making the trip in 2 days for the first time / love of family / English Tea Party with Cristy & Brianna - part of Brianna's kindergarten homeschool curriculum / Cinnamon Chip Scones / Luke showing us some tricks that Patience their dog has learned / watching Crystal in her choir, performing at the football pre-game / Abigail playing marimba in the band / excitement at being at a Texas high school football game / God's strength in our weaknesses / joy of being with family)

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  1. How wonderful to be able to make that trip once a year! Looks like so much to be able to see the fun football game festivities! :)