Wednesday, October 3, 2012

He Hears - {Heart Connect}

"One of the great reasons for lack of prayer
 is the lack of a living, joyous assurance that God hears us." 
(from Andrew Murray's The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer)

It all depends on this - does He hear our prayers? Does the God of the universe, the great Creator God, the God who has existed for all time and who has all power - does He hear us when we pray? If He does, then prayer is most amazing, above even the greatest of all technological advances - always available, the fastest speed of any communication, and never out-of-order. And before our words are even spoken, He hears even our thoughts.

"So the Lord must wait for you to come to Him
so He can show you His love and compassion.
 For the Lord is a faithful God.

Blessed are those who wait for His help."
(Isaiah 30:18)

"You can be sure of this: 
The Lord set apart the godly for Himself.
 The Lord will answer when I call to Him."
 (Psalm 4:3)

"I love the Lord because He hears my voice
and my prayer for mercy.
Because He bends down to listen,
I will pray as long as I have breath."
(Psalm 116:1-2)

Thank You, Lord, that You hear. And as we grasp this in our hearts, we will ask boldly, and we will ask continually. For we are always in need. And You will bend to listen to us, just as we stop everything to listen to the hearts of our children, and just as we bend down to listen to the questions from even our littlest of grandkids.

Heart Connect: Living a Life of Prayer
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  1. I love the comparison you made to how God hearing our prayers is the most advanced communication imaginable. I never thought of it that way! AWESOME! Thanks for sharing with WIP!

  2. I'm so glad you popped in for my gratitude post, which led me back here for your post on prayer. Encouraging. :)

  3. Isn't it amazing? To think that the God of the universe cares about what's on my heart! So much grace! Beautiful truth here.

  4. Loved the top quote. I had to stop and copy it in my prayer journal. This was so encouraging to me. I've been praying for some big prayers.

  5. Oh, what beautiful versions of these verses, and I love the quote from Andrew Murray. Yes, He hears us! Yes, even when we don't "feel" the answer, He has it all taken care of. Very uplifting and speaks to me greatly at this moment. Been thinking about 40 years of prayer, asking the Lord to show me ways it made a difference in someone recently passed. This word is so assuring. Thank you. ` Pam Apples of Gold

  6. Oh, how I needed to be reminded of this! Yes, He hears our prayers! I've been praying for something for over thirty years and sometimes 'feel' that God hasn't heard me. I love the word picture that God creates in Psalm 116:1-2. "Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath." Yes!
    I'm a new follower via Intentional.Me and would love for you to visit!