Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas

This post is mainly for my own records, but if anyone enjoys reading it, that makes it even more fun! I always like to make a bunch of Christmas goodies each year, and though the days were really full and I wondered if I would have time for much, I discovered that I actually had made 12 different recipes! Maybe a new tradition - twelve recipes for the twelve days of Christmas?

Just for fun, here they are:

1) Cinnamon Rolls - I make these every Christmas and have them on hand for Christmas morning.

2) Date Pinwheels - another recipe that I make every Christmas, one of my husband's favorites.

3) Wheaty Thumprints - another one of my husband's favorites.

4) Cranberry Bog Bars - an easy recipe, need to make this each year.

5) Chocolate Nut Cookies - don't usually make this for Christmas, but was a nice addition.

6) Chocolate Peanut Clusters - easy and another one that I make every Christmas.

7) Chocolate Billionaires - a new recipe this year; was very good (a little bit of a challenge with the dipping part, but it worked).

8) Sugar'n'Spice Nuts - easy, and great for snacking.

9) Dipped Pretzel Rods - my first time trying this recipe; was very good, but again, I had a challenge with the drizzling of a contrasting flavor over the dipped pretzel.

10) Fruit'n'Nut Stollen - first time for this recipe; probably will not repeat.

11) Chex Party Mix - a must-have for our snacking.

12) Brownie-Peppermint Ice-cream Pie - first time with this recipe; was good, but it was quite difficult to cut the pie after frozen; probably will not repeat.

I had planned to post more of these recipes throughout the season, but did not have time. Maybe will do so at a future time, as I have the photos all taken.

Our four daughters brought goodies to share, as well, and we had a delicious, beautiful spread - more than we needed, and a wonderful way to celebrate! Food is such a big part of family celebrations! And it was fun to have goodies on hand to share with others throughout the season.

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