Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Than a Day

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"Christmas is more than a day
at the end of the year,
More than a season
of joy and good cheer,

Christmas is really
God's pattern for living
To be followed all year
by unselfish giving ... "

A tinge of sadness as we wrap up the Christmas season, finish up the goodies, and box up the lights. There is a magic around this time of year that is sometimes hard to let go of. But in the bits of reluctance to let go of the magic, we stop - and are reminded that this is just the beginning, the start of a brand new year of love and of giving. 

"For if we lived Christmas,
each day, as we should,
And made it our aim
to always do good,

We'd find the lost key
to meaningful living
That comes not from getting
but from unselfish giving ...

For in the glad tidings
of the first Christmas night
God showed us the way
and the truth and the light!"

(Taken from 
"Let Us Live Christmas Every Day"
by Helen Steiner Rice)

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  1. Lovely poem and reflection on the end of Christmas. That candle glows so beautiful in the photo.