Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweet Taste of Heaven

Our love still strong and true - on our 41st Christmas as husband and wife!

The kitchen refrigerator is filled with food left from our feasting, the gifts are all unwrapped, the house is quiet - and we are remembering and treasuring memories of our Family Christmas. Memories of twenty-three loved family members around our table, and filling our home with love and laughter.

I am wanting to hold on to the warm memories, and I have experienced some sadness as Christmas passes. How do you hold onto a sweet taste of heaven in your hands and heart? For we were blessed with more love and joy than we could hardly contain. But I will move into this next week with gratitude, instead of sadness that Christmas has come and now is gone.

Thank You, Lord, for ~

The whole family home together - our six grown kids, our four sons-in-law, our nine grandkids - and also my 90 year-old father, and my husband's older (single) brother.

Our home filled with love from morning till late at night - something I do not take for granted, for many homes are filled with sadness at this time of year.

Answering our prayers above and beyond what we even wished for - such a busy month, and Christmas came so fast, and we were tired and overwhelmed at times as we prepared, and the beautiful magic of our family Christmas was all a gift from You.

Nineteen around our big dining room table, and a little cafe table nearby for four grandkids - blessed with so many family that we don't all fit around the one main table any more.

An unforgettable, wonderful day all together for our Family Christmas - 23 of us together from morning till late into the night on the 23rd.

A memorable, special Christmas Eve Service at our church - the lighting of candles as we sang the last songs.

Our youngest son joining us for the evening and for night - great conversation at the table and by the tree, sharing stories from the past.

Memories of our Christmas Eve forty-two years ago - the night I said "yes" to the most beautiful question.

A third day of Christmas, on the 25th - a delicious tempura meal, prepared together, and enjoyed together with our son.

The viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life" on big theater screen after we dropped our son back off at his apartment - tickets, a gift from him.

The greatest Gift ever given, the one that keeps giving and giving all through the year ...

"I am the Gift that continuously gives -
bounteously, with no strings attached."
(Jesus Calling)

"We know how much God loves us,
and we have put our trust in His Love.
God is Love ... "
(I John 4:15-16)

(One Thousand Gifts #830-840)

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