Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping up a Memorable Christmas

The final (of four) posts capturing memories from Christmas 2011 ~

We had three days of Christmas ~ celebrating with all our family home on Friday, Dec. 23 ~ full house of 23 on the 23rd! The house was a bit quieter over Christmas weekend, as family left ...

Ali (4), and Brianna (5) - such fun for them to have a cousin close in age ...

And Luke and Levi are both 9 years old - not for long, as Luke turns 10 on Dec. 31st.

As their parents were loading up, we were treated to piano solos by each of our Texas grandkids,
even the youngest one ...

A special brunch meal together before Mark & Cristy & family left for Dallas ...

A much smaller group, and quieter house on Christmas Eve - after a Candlelight Service at our church,
so special to have Lance join us for the evening and for night!

We talked around the tree until late into the night on Christmas Eve -
one of our favorite things to do, having conversations with our grown kids.

And the next day, Christmas Day ~ a very special tempura meal prepared together,
and enjoyed together! Followed by a special treat, a gift from Lance -
viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life" at Film Streams!

Thanking God for a Christmas beyond what we had even wished for - memorable in many ways, more than we imagined. All a gift from the Giver of Gifts ... and the first Gift at the first Christmastime the best gift of all. 

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