Monday, October 11, 2010

A Conduit of God's Power

Some concepts from the past few days of Live a Praying Life homework keep coming to my mind. These thoughts, taken seriously, can change our lives concerning prayer.

Prayer is "standing in the gap" between God's will in heaven, and God's will carried out on the earth. As recorded in Ezekiel 22, God is continually searching for someone to "stand in the gap", to pray for His will to be done on earth.

Author Jennifer Kennedy Dean uses an illustration that so powerfully illustrates the necessity of an intercessor. If a dry cell could represent God, the source of all power, and an unlit light bulb could represent the needs on this earth, we would see that there would be a "gap" in the circuit line (the result of sin entering the world). God's power is available in heaven, but because of this "gap", it does not reach the earth.  That is, unless ... there is a conduit or conductor, someone to "stand in the gap". As we take on our role of being an intercessor, God's power flows through the circuit and bridges the gap.

"Prayer is standing in the gap - being the conductor of His power and His will into the circumstances of earth," explains the author of Live a Praying Life.

This insight is such a powerful motivator to be an intercessor ... is there any higher calling? It greatly humbles me and motivates me to think that God chooses to use me, to use all of us as His followers, to bring His will to this earth. I want to think on this more, to let the truth of Scripture after Scripture on this subject, permeate my heart.

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  1. I'm sorry I haven't been around lately...I am loving your blog! I am wondering if you will send out the link to Student Venture Moms' Group when you put up a new post? You are a huge encouragement and have much to share!