Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Synchronize My Heart to Yours

How do I put into words the depth of what is covered in Lesson 1 Day 5 of the Live a Praying Life worktext? I want to try to summarize the author's thoughts, so that I can hold them in my heart.

The purpose of prayer (to bring God's will to earth) requires that we have a heart transformation. This comes as we continually focus our minds and hearts on Him, and quiet ourselves to listen to His Spirit within us.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean writes, "As you behold His glory, you are changed so that your heart is a reflection of His. His will is reflected in your prayers. This is not because you now have more influence on Him, but because He now has more influence on you. The secret of prayer is not how to change God, but how to be changed by Him."

Much like synchronizing a computer to a mobile device ... a clear comparison that the author shares with us. This transfers what is on God's heart ... to our hearts. As a result, we will "live a praying life".

For "prayer is more than the words that come sandwiched between 'Dear God' and 'Amen'. Prayer is an ongoing interaction between the material world and the spiritual world."

Lord, please download Your thoughts to my heart ... synchronize my selfish, finite thoughts to Yours, so that Your desires are deeply impressed on my heart each day.

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