Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Focus on Food

Fall always brings a new focus on the blessing of food! The cooler weather, and the warmth of home draws me to good food.

Gary and I decided to take some time off together on my birthday yesterday. We used a gift card that we had received from some dear friends, and treated ourselves to eating out for lunch at Mimi's Cafe at Village Pointe. A fun place to eat, and ... delicious food!

I think food is so beautiful, in addition to being delicious! And I cannot resist taking photos of beautiful, delicious food ...

A wonderful way to spend my birthday! We had celebrated as a family earlier in the month (click here to see photos), so later, in the evening, I had a few quiet hours for a fun project regarding food while Gary was gone at a Student Venture event.

It seems that it has been easy for me to get a bit too relaxed (negligent?) about menu planning, especially with just the two of us at home now ... and I have been thinking that I need to focus on menu planning and food prepartion more. For even though I love good food and do enjoy putting a good meal together, there are often other things that pull my attention elsewhere. Fall seems to be the perfect time to renew my focus on menu planning ...

As a motivation for myself, and possibly as an encouragement for my family and friends who read this blog, I will be sharing more posts about food in the future. It is all part of pursuing to be all that God desires for me as a woman, serving my family and friends with love.

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