Thursday, September 23, 2010


In the last week and a half we have experienced an array of family events: a reunion with our extended Siebert family, a wedding, a family birthday gathering, and the funeral service for my Aunt Winnie. Maybe it is the cool breeze in the air, along with the cloudy, rainy weather today that is adding to my reflective spirit, causing some little tears to cloud my vision this morning. So much to ponder over ... especially from the funeral service yesterday.

Aunt Winnie's life was so simple, even challenged in a sense with some of her limitations (and we all have limitations in varying degrees) ... but I am wanting to pause in the active pursuit of living today, and just think about her life, about all of our lives. Think about what is most important. And dwell on the beauty that we saw yesterday ... the life of a woman who lived simply and who loved God. And the example of a loving church family who embraced my Aunt Winnie, especially as most of her relatives lived a distance away. How they included her in with their own families, sharing the warmth of their homes and their hearts, even at special holiday times. These families were a reflection of Jesus to her. How thankful I am for them ... and for their example of love.

I am also grieving for my aunt today ... there will be no one to stop and see as we drive through Nebraska on I-80 heading to and from Colorado once or twice each summer. There are no more of my close relatives left in that little town along the interstate. However, the small church cemetery along a quiet country road will continue to pull our little Honda off the interstate. We will want to stop and spend some time at my dear mother's gravesite, as well as at the site for my grandparents, and now ... my Aunt Winnie.

Time keeps going by ... we lose our loved ones, and we pause in our busy lives, and remember what their lives stood for, what they taught us, how they were a reflection of God to us. And this morning I am pondering what is most important in life ...

"You must love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
all your soul, and all your mind.
This is the first and greatest commandment.
A second is equally important:
Love your neighbor as yourself."
Matthew 22:37-38

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  1. John and I were headed back from Denver, CO last Saturday to Omaha. We exited at a small town on the way back through to get gas and stretch. When we got off the exit there was a funeral right off the interstate. We watched a small group of people gather to celebrate the life of one gone before them and commented on how reflective funeral services really can be. It's neat how they really can cause us to reflect and show us maybe how change for the better based off of what is really important in life. It's a blessing to have family that you can see in such a manner.