Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Habit to be Cultivated {Heart Connect}

Developing a new habit takes time. And persistence. Each new day. We may think that we have mastered a new habit, but unless we keep at it, it will fade away. Such is the case with a habit that is difficult for me - physical exercise. I can be quite diligent for awhile, but unless I have a definite plan and focus to exercise, I just do not get it done. It is a habit that requires much persistence.

Could it be that we also need to consider intercessory prayer as a habit that needs to be cultivated? Intercessory prayer - to faithfully pray for the needs of others. It is easier for me to talk with God about my own concerns and needs. A good thing - this continual, intimate communication we are privileged to have with our Maker. The sharing of our heart, and the listening to His. And to faithfully pray for the needs of those closest to me, in our family, is easy for me, as well. But to faithfully, daily, pray for the needs of others? I can be faithful when a need is pressing and urgent, but to consistently support those we know and love - this requires more diligence on my part.

Intercessory prayer is more like discipline for me, much like my efforts to exercise each week. Focusing my thoughts throughout the day on the needs of others, interceding for them - this requires more of an effort. Especially when our days are filled from morning to night.

But should we pay any less attention to intercessory prayer, than we do to other needed disciplines in our lives?

Prayer "is a habit to be cultivated. 
It is a discipline to be developed. 
It is a skill to be practiced."
(The Circle Maker)

Instead of being discouraged by a lack of prayer on my part, I need to humbly ask God to give me the desire and discipline to pray for others. To make it a part of our lives. Each new day.

The only way to grow in prayer for others
is to pray. For others. 

(Photo above taken in the late afternoon this past November as my husband and I spent a few quiet hours at restful Standing Bear Lake - pausing from our busyness, and listening to His heart. Hearing these gentle reminders as I am re-reading through The Circle Maker.)

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  1. thank you for your words. The challenge for me is not in the asking, but in the listening for God's response.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Cherry. Intercessory prayer is definitely an important habit to develop. I often use reminders on my refrigerator to remember my daily intercessory prayers, but it would be a good idea to consciously work to cultivate the habit. Deb @

  3. My husband used to attend a weekly 3 hour intercessory prayer meeting with an organization we worked with... he still says some of his best weeks came out of those meetings praying for others. I, personally, have adopted: pray without ceasing... and simply trying to pray at all times for those around me and, when needed, myself. It sounds like you have great direction and great Guidance :-) I love your last quote: The only way to grow in prayer for others is to pray. For others. And the perfect period placement! May God continue to be with you in your prayer journey!

  4. Oh, that is a discipline to work on! I always end up either neglecting it or following it so hard that it ceases to be discipline and starts to become meaningless repetition. I've found a prayer notebook helps me to remember everyone I want to pray for without saying the same exact prayer over and over again. Thank you for bringing this up! It truly is so important!