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Thank you for visiting me here on my blog! Welcome to my online home where I share from my heart as I pursue God, and living creatively in all things of the heart, family, and home. 

You will find a variety of posts here ... everything from devotional posts to favorite recipes. Here is a list of the main topics I write on:

The Greatest Love

As I entered into my "empty nest" years (though still a very full life!), I sensed God's promptings to take from my journal, and my years as a wife, mom, and grama, and to share here on this blog. Writing is my way of learning, and of processing all that I read, hear, and experience. I write for my own growth, and also in hopes that I may be an encouragement to others. 

A few little bits of info about myself: I am a blessed wife for 45 years now, a mother of 6 grown children - 4 daughters and 2 sons, mother-in-law to 4 sons, and grama to 10 sweet grandkids ranging in age from 20 years down to 4 years. My sweet hubby and I have had the privilege of serving together with the ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) for 25 years now. 

Much of my writing stems from my full life which is filled up with so many good and wonderful things, and also from a wide variety of heart-breaking trials that we have experienced as a couple and as a family: some difficult years in parenting teens, my husband's horrible accident, a daughter's leukemia & bone marrow transplant, adjusting to all the seasons of mothering, letting go of adult children, loving and praying for family during hard seasons, caring for elderly parents in challenging situations, a daughter's infertility, a granddaughter's kidney disease & transplant, and more. 

All of these trials have been part of what God has used and continues to use to shape me more and more into His image, and to cultivate empathy and love for others going through hard times. And all of these trials have also given me a deeper glimpse into God's amazing grace, and His faithful love. I am so grateful.

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