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Thank you for visiting me here on my blog! Welcome to my online home where I share from my heart as I pursue God, and as I seek to live creatively in all things of the heart, family, and home. 

An Updated Welcome Page (Spring 2017)

It's hard to believe, but I have been writing here for s-e-v-e-n years now! Time goes by faster each year, and here I am, seven years after I began this blog, still writing. The blogging world has made a lot of changes in the past seven years; something I hear over and over again from other bloggers, as well.

Seven years ago, blogging was the main way of sharing online, and now ... there are multiple (unending?) ways to share through social media. Many bloggers that I have met online, have slowed down in their frequency of posting, as they are also drawn to other forms of sharing (Instagram, Pinterest, twitter, etc.).

But though there have been changes, I am still here! I am writing here less often than I did seven years ago, but I am still writing! Writing is part of who I am, for it is how I process life, and how I integrate what I am learning into my heart and soul. Much of what you read here are the things that God is impressing on my own heart. So I must continue to write, for my own growth and learning. And also, I continue to write here for the purpose of sharing with others, as I keep on following God's direction for me that began seven years ago to take from what I learn from Him and share it here with others.

My Current Blogging Plan:

My current blogging plan at the start of this new year of writing is to take from my devotional/inspirational posts on Instagram, and also post them here on my blog. These are becoming the core of my writing during this new season of blogging. These short devotional posts (together with photos from my own collection, and occasionally from a free online source) are often taken directly from my journal. Writing out what is impacting me as I quiet my heart before God, and listen to His Words. 

I'll also be continuing to write recipe posts, posts about my digital scrapbook pages (sharing our life through photos), and other posts on any variety of topics related to the heart, family, and home.

My Writing on Instagram:  You'll find many of my inspirational posts on Instagram (as they are often shared there first). Also, you'll see many photos of life together with my dear hubby, and of my days as a mom of six (grown) children, and as a grama of ten. 

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Thanks for your visit to Pursuing Heart!