Friday, January 17, 2020

Savoring Christmas - Anytime of the Year

The snow is lightly falling,
the gifts are wrapped and under the tree,
the guest rooms are ready,
and it's been busy in my kitchen -
the freezer is filled with
wonderful make-ahead dishes.

Can Christmas be any time of year?
In our home, with our family,
this year it's a January Christmas!

And I truly believe ...
Christmas can be anytime of the year.
And Christmas can happen
every day, every moment of the year.

For what is Christmas?

Christmas is the celebration
and the remembering of the
Greatest Gift ever ...
"Immanuel: God with Us"
His Presence with us -
every day, every moment;
the most precious gift ever.

Christmas is a celebration
of family and of friends;
gifts of love to us from God.
Tangible touches of His Love.
Gathering together, being present
together - at Christmas, 
and all through the year;
day by day, moment by moment.

Christmas is the joy of
giving gifts; of Being the Gift
to each other. Our presence
with each other, our purchased
or hand-made gifts to each other.
Expressions of love -
all through the year;
day by day, moment by moment.

It's Christmas in January,
and it's Christmas in our hearts
whenever we embrace and savor
the Greatest Gift of all.
Whenever we are present
with love and care for family
and for friends, and anyone
who needs a tangible touch of
the Greatest Love of all.

(Thoughts on this beautiful snowy morning, as my dear hubby and I anticipate the arrival of precious family members, coming home for our January Christmas. And as we soak up His Love and His Presence -
"Immanuel: God With Us" - every day, every moment.)

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