Friday, May 26, 2017

Pursuing Heart: Celebrating Seven Years

May is the month for birthdays in our family
and we've been doing some celebrating ...

for three of our six children, 
one of our four sons-in-law, 
and one of our ten grandchildren!

And it's only fitting to also celebrate ...
the birth of this blog!

Seven years ... already?! The years go by so fast with our children and grandchildren, and also the years have gone by so fast since this blog was born back in May of 2010. 

Some things remain the same, 
and others things change as years pass by. 

My purpose and focus for blogging remains the same ...

- a calling on my heart to take from what God teaches me, from my thoughts that spill out onto the pages of my many journals, and to share here

- a love of writing, as writing is essential for my own learning and growing, and then sharing, in hopes that the words I write may be an encouragement to others 

What this sharing looks like has taken on new faces ...

- seven years ago there were no photos in my posts, just text - now, photos are essential to a post, and in fact, they add life and focus to my words

- seven years ago I posted much more often, as blogging was at it's prime - now, there are other avenues to share (Instagram, twitter, facebook, and more), and I write here less often

Pursuing Heart: 
My Focus at Seven Years

- glimpses into my heart, as I share devotional thoughts from what I am learning

- a warm welcome into my home and kitchen, often sharing favorite recipes

- sharing digital scrapbook pages, pictures of stories God is writing in our lives

- inspiration gained from books, from other bloggers/authors, and from living life

- a goal/desire of writing a post once each week 

- and a deep joy when I meet up with someone in real life, or in the online world, who tells me that they have been encouraged by what I have written; a deep joy in my heart, for it was and is a step of faith and obedience to God to share here

Thank you for your sweet visits here!  

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