Thursday, August 7, 2014

To Delight in the Lord

What does it really look like to delight in the Lord?

The words in Psalm 37:4 have been some of my favorite words for years; a favorite verse of mine. One that I think of often. And maybe it will take an entire lifetime, and beyond, to grasp it's significance and meaning.

There are so many things to delight in - and these things will vary with each one of us, for we are all created uniquely, in the image of God. For me, I delight and find great joy in family, in helping create an atmosphere of love, in serving a beautiful and delicious meal ... I am energized by writing, by preserving memories in digital scrapbook form, by beautiful photos ... I love to organize and plan, make out menus, create an atmosphere of rest in our home ... I am filled up when connecting deeply with a family member or friend.

These things are all good and I am created to love and enjoy being who He made me to be. To reflect His love and creativity. And surely, delighting in these things are a part of delighting in Him.

But at the very core of my heart and my delighting ... is a Person. Not an activity, not a plan - but a Person. 

Delight yourself in the Lord

What could this look like for me, for you? 

A few of the ways He has been calling me to delight in Him ...

* By pausing in my busyness, no matter how busy I am ... to take time for quiet, for "spiritual whitespace", giving my soul time to be renewed and time to be refreshed. Pulling away from the noise of life long enough so that I am able to listen and to hear His voice.

* By immersing myself in His Word. Not as something to check off my list - but because I long to hear from Him, to hear His heart. Desiring for my heart to be broken for the things that break His heart.

* By bringing all my concerns to Him. No matter how big, or how small. Everything that concerns me. Every day. For me, it means writing my concerns down, an act of releasing them to Him. My natural default is to worry, but this is not delighting in Him. 

* By surrendering daily, and moment by moment. If I cling to my own ways, I am delighting in myself, not in Him. Surrendering to His plan daily - verbally telling Him so at the start of each day, or putting the words to paper.

* By asking for His help continually, asking Him to be strong in my weaknesses. By not relying on my own strength, but only on His. Realizing that I can do nothing in my own strength, but only in His.

Lord, teach us what it means to delight in You. This is not a natural thing for us, as our innate response is to delight in ourselves, and to seek to be self-sufficient. Teach us to delight in You alone ... teach me, Lord, to delight in You.

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  1. I have been delighting in the colors around me. The green of the grass is greener, the blue sky is incredible, the red Cardinals on my feeder are like crimson, the white clouds sparkle with purity! I guess the best delight is to delight in my eyesight that allows me to drink in His beauty--especially when the morning sunrise greets me on my deck!!!

    1. Oh yes, so many gifts from God to delight in - your list sounded wonderful! And how fun to find you here, and to read your comment, Judi!