Monday, August 11, 2014

Thankful for Summer

I am thankful ... for summer days, for the potted flowers on our patio, for some cooler days in the midst of very hot days, for weeks of picking green beans and cucumbers, and now green peppers and tomatoes. I'm thankful that, though school starts this week, and with it a new school year of Cru High ministry for us, that summer is really still here. In our yard. And I am loving it. Thank You, Lord ... for summer.

Taking time this past weekend for some more digital scrapbooking, from the last part of July ... and more to come (soon) - preserving memories of an amazing, unforgettable first weekend of August with family visiting. 

(Credit for digital scrapbooking supplies: Page Template: Scrap Girls SSDLOT_Alb5; Paper: Digital Scrapper Premier 2013 05 motherverb, Digital Scrapper Premier 2014 07 LibertyforAll by Mommyish.)

As parts of the world are in turmoil and many are suffering, I do not take the blessings of home, garden, and family for granted. Instead, I accept them as gifts from God, thanking Him. And I grieve, and I ask God to break my heart over the things in our world that break His heart ...


  1. Nice post, Cherry. I still have to try the digital scrapbooking. Have only done Snapdragon. Two albums. But I want something created at home and preserved here like you do. Will check out your lead in the fall.

    1. Thanks, Janis - and I hope it works out for you to try digital scrapbooking! I especially like doing it this way, even allowing me to share it one page at a time.