Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lead Me and Show Me

Next month I turn 65. 

I don't usually put my age out there for all to see, but somehow, with this being the year that my hubby turned 70 (in June) and the year that I turn 65, the numbers just seem to stand out more boldly. There's something about these numbers, that sound so ... well, so old. And the fact is that we don't feel like we should be turning these numbers. Life goes by so incredibly fast, and we find ourselves at this stage so much sooner than we expected. And we are not quite ready for this ...

It's like there is a narrow little crack of an opening
in a door that we have not walked through before.

You might call this door something like ... the latter season of life. In comparison to the vibrancy of life that comes with the twenties, thirties, and even up through the forties and fifties. But sixties, and surely, seventies holds a different ring. 

And I find myself peering through that tiny little opening in the door, wondering what lies ahead. There are so many unknowns. And I could become fearful ... and I could focus on all the possibilities of what may be ahead for me. For none of us really looks forward to growing older; youthful years, even youthful appearances ... these are held in high value in our culture. 

But I am choosing to pause, and to ponder.

And to prepare. Asking God to renew my focus. To give me a Heart Focus for this coming season of life that reflects His desires for me. Asking Him to help me live intentionally through all my days. Not writing off this next season, but in contrast ... preparing my heart for what could be the very best, the most fruitful season of all. 

Are you entering a new season, as well?
Maybe a different season than I am in,
but a new one for you.

Maybe this coming season holds some unknowns for you. Maybe you're approaching a new season of work, of learning ... the start of a new school year for you, or for your children ... or maybe you are faced with a new medical concern for yourself, or someone you love. You see a sliver of light coming through the door as it begins to open, and you maybe are filled with uncertainty, not knowing what lies ahead.

I'm choosing to ask God to show me what is most important as I step into the unknown. What are the main things that He desires for me to focus on as I enter into a new season. What are the essentials that I will need as I begin a new journey into these next years?  

If you wish, join me here as I continue with my learning, and my preparing. I'll be sharing my thoughts as I journey into this new season, collecting my posts on this topic on a new page here on my blog ... click here.

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  1. Hi Cherry: I've been on the Spiritual Whitespace Journey also. And at the end of last year, I turned 50. So, yes, it is a new season for me as well. With a few health issues and some changes in my work life, I too am wondering what lies ahead. Of course, I know we can trust that God is in control. But I agree that living intentionally is important to keep in mind as we wait to see what is revealed. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Nina. It seems that life is full of new seasons - and like you, I am so thankful that we can trust that God is in control and that He will be with us. Trusting for His care as you enter into your new season ...

  2. Wow...can I relate to this! My link up post is three after yours and I'm glad I checked out my neighbors so I could find this and you. Sometimes I literally search for bloggers who are in this season of life since so many are moms of young children....talented all, amazingly talented and gifted, but I've longed to also read someone's thoughts concerning where I'm at. I'll be interested to follow your journey as mine unfolds too. Thanks so much for sharing. (You can find my latest mention of this season at Blessings...

    1. Yes, Lisa Ann, I totally agree with you - there are so many young mom bloggers (and that is great), but it is always such a treat to find another blogger closer to my age! Thanks so much for coming by, and I will enjoy visiting you at your blog, too. Lots to trust God for as we journey into this new season! Looking forward to reading of your journey, as well.

  3. I'm so happy to be here from Holley's link up! I'm 57 and having some of the very same questions and struggles you mention. We have an (In)courage group called (in)life after fifty and then Dianne Bailey has a Facebook group for women over fifty. Both have been such a blessing and encouragement. We need each other!

    1. Elizabeth, so thankful to have you visit here - always so good to find other bloggers who share the same season of life! And thanks for your info about the groups online!

  4. Clicking through your blog and finding your words resonate. In few months I'll be 63. It is definitely a new stage of life. My husbnad and I are looking ahead to what is next, the unknown but never alone. Blessings, Linda