Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday #4

May is always a very significant month for birthdays in our family - three of our six children (two daughters and one son), as well as a son-in-law, and also a granddaughter - these five family members all share the month of May for their birthdays. Such a beautiful month - my favorite! And there is also another birthday this month, as this May marks four years of blogging here at Pursuing Heart!

What started out as a simple step of following the encouragement of friends to start up a blog, and receiving confirmation from God as I spent time seeking His direction ... turned into the fulfillment of a deep desire of mine. Maybe a desire that I didn't even know had existed - but God, who knows the hidden desires of our hearts, has a way of surprising us with His special gifts.

Writing here at Pursuing Heart gives me such joy! The joy of taking from what God fills me up with (first, recorded in my journals as I spend time reading, and listening to Him) ... adding some photos next, and then sharing with others.

Along the way, I've also added recipe posts, and digital scrapbooking posts (the recording of God's gifts to us, preserving memories) along with my main focus of writing devotional posts. Thanks for following, and for sharing in my joy! And for being a kindred heart as we pursue God, and everything related to the heart, family, and home. 

In honor of this four-year blog birthday, I recently redesigned my blog header, and also spent some time re-writing my "Welcome" page (click here). I've also included it below, as my heart-felt welcome and thanks to you. 

Welcome to Pursuing Heart!

I am so very honored that you would come by for a visit here. Welcome to my online home where I share from my heart as I pursue God, and everything related to the heart, family, and home. As women, there are so many life-giving, creative ways that we can love and serve those in our lives ... and it is my deep desire to connect here as kindred spirits as we do all for God, putting Him first, following Him as our first love. Everything flows from this First Love.

You will find a variety of posts here ... devotional posts, favorite recipes, freezer meal days, mothering posts, and digital scrapbooking pages. And above all, you will find posts on four main topics. Topics that I am growing in and learning in ... areas that I am asking God to teach me in. And then my own times of learning and growing bubble up and overflow onto this blog. 

First Love: What We are Made For

Heart Connect: Living a Life of Prayer

Held Secure: His Love in Times of Trial

Forever Close: The Heart of a Mother

Writing is my way of learning, and of integrating truth into my heart and soul. From my times of listening and learning from His Word, from spending time in prayer with journal and pen, from reading the words of wise authors and bloggers, and from the learning we gain from friends and family in-real-life ... I must write. First of all, in my journal (filling many, many journals) ... and then as an overflow, onto the pages of this blog. 

A calling from God during these empty nest years ... a calling to take from a full heart, and share here. First, with those I know and love ... family and friends - and also connecting with kindred hearts of women through this online home.

A few little bits of info about me: I am a wife of one for 42 years, a mother of six grown children - 4 daughters and 2 sons, mother-in-law to 4 sons, and grama to 10 sweet grandkids ranging in age from 18 years down to 2 years. My sweet hubby and I have been blessed to serve together with the ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) for 23 years now. Much of my blogging stems from a full life which is filled up with so many good things, and also from the various trials that God has allowed into our lives to help mold us and grow us into His image.

Thank you again for your visit. And I would be honored to hear from you as we connect as women - as we pursue the heart of God, and as we follow His heart for our families, our homes, and the world.

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