Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Freezer Meal Day

The last Saturday of April our kitchen turned into a little dream-world where a mom and three daughters spent about seven hours together - chopping veggies, cooking, and assembling about 40 dishes together. 

When our six children were young, they loved to gather up at the kitchen counter and help with the meal prep. I knew I needed to have a spacious kitchen counter when we had our home built back in 1982. Little did I know that all these years later, my three daughters who live near by would still come over to gather at our kitchen counter and help with the preparation of freezer meals. And sometimes one of our sons who also lives nearby joins us, as well! 

Several times a year we gather for a Freezer Meal Day. (We all wish it could be more often, but life is busy, and calendar days fill up.) We each bring ingredients for a main dish or two, and we make multiple dishes of each recipe. Besides making a dish or two of each recipe for each of our own households, we made meals for a son (single) who lives nearby, and this time we also made some meals for a daughter's parents-in-law as they are in the midst of hospital days for treatment of leukemia. What a joy to bless their family with some freezer meals.

The five recipes we used for our Freezer Meal Day were:

Cheddar Beef Enchiladas
Crescent Chicken Bundles
Bean and Franks Bake
Three-Meat Lasagna
Pizza Loaves

(I will need to put more of these recipes up on my blog in the future ...)

It usually works best to prepare a cooking plan for our day beforehand, as this helps us move through the afternoon in a somewhat organized way. We also had a Prep Chart (not shown here) with all the chopping of veggies and other prep work listed.

Such a treat to put some meals in the freezer, and a treat to be able to share with a son and also a family going through leukemia treatments. And for me, the biggest treat of all is to have three daughters in my kitchen with me - working together at our big kitchen counter, talking, and sharing our lives.

Here's a glimpse into our day together with a few digital scrapbook pages made of our recent Freezer Meal Day ...

(Credits for digital scrapbook supplies - Page Templates: Scrap Girls - ABR_SSLOAlb-Series 5; Paper: Scrap Girls ABR_CreasedNCrinkled.)

Click here for a list of posts on some of our past Freezer Meal Days, and also a list of links to some of our Freezer Fare recipes.

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  1. I might attempt this on a smaller scale sometimes, you definitely have a gift of "administrations" Cherry. Thank you for inspiring me unto the good works that God has called each of us to carry out. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. You are welcome, Cynthia - and yes, putting meals in the freezer on a smaller scale works great, too. I often make multiples of a single recipe, putting the extras in the freezer. Have fun being creative in the kitchen!