Held Secure

Sharing my heart on the lessons that God has taught me through the trials we have gone through in the past, and all that He continues to teach me through present-day trials.

Held Secure: His Love in Times of Trial

Held Secure: His Love in Times of Trial
My Prayer for You
Just One Step
Open Arms/Open Heart
Peace Displacing Worry
Unending, Forever Love
Everything We Need
I Am Thankful

The Promise of His Presence

Spring is in the air, and yet, there are concerns that we carry with us - as if the cold winds of winter threaten to never leave ...

Taste and See

It is true, that we need to taste in order to experience. A beautifully laden table, full of the choicest of foods is pleasing to the eye, but it calls for us to ...

Power in Weakness

Why do we strive for perfection, when weak is the best place to be? Why do we sometimes put on our masks, trying to cover up our faults ...

In Need of Fill

This life
for me
for my sweet hubby 
for our entire family
has had it's curves
it's sharp corners ...

Our Helper and Guide

Life is filled with surprises, and unexpected turns. And at times, we find ourselves overwhelmed, not knowing which way ...

Always, Never Stop, and Be Thankful

Such familiar words ... and sometimes it is the familiar words that all of a sudden reach out to us from the pages of God's Word ...

It has been four weeks since I have written here on my blog - my longest break since I started writing here at Pursuing Heart ...

All, Every, Always - Completely, Without End

Trials are not fun, but as we walk through them, we find that our main source of strength is always there ...

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