Thursday, June 13, 2013

Peace Displacing Worry {Held Secure}

"Don't worry about anything;
instead, pray about everything."
(Philippians 4:6a)

Is it really possible? To not worry about anything - and to pray about everything? Even in the midst of trials? Situations that are filled with unknowns, where we feel completely helpless. Heart-breaking, difficult trials such as the one we are finding ourselves in now as we drive to Ohio to be with a brother (who has Parkinsons), as he helps his wife (suffering from severe complications in the treatment of her leukemia).

"Rest in Me, My child. 
Give your mind a break from planning 
and trying to anticipate what will happen. 
Pray continually, 
asking My Spirit to take charge of the details of this day." 
(Jesus Calling)

And maybe difficult, heart-breaking trials reveal our deepest needs. Our need of Him. Our complete helplessness on our own - and our desperate need of God. This is where I am as we travel to be a support, and help those we love. 

Our minds and our hearts can so often be filled with worry. Empathy is a strength - drawing us to feel someone's pain, drawing us to walk together with them in their pain. But empathy can also draw us to ... worry. And we find ourselves in need. Needing God to be strong where we are weak. Needing His help to pray, instead of worry. Needing His help to look up and release our concerns into prayers before they bind us up in fear and worry.

"I want to be central in your entire being.
When your focus is firmly on Me,
My Peace displaces fear and worries.
They will encircle you, seeking entrance,
so you must stay alert.
Let trust and thankfulness stand guard,
turning back fear before it can gain a foothold."
(Jesus Calling)

"Now may the Lord of Peace Himself
give you His peace
at all times and in every situation."
(II Thess. 3:16)

Loving Lord, I need You ... I need Your Peace, Your Strength, and Your Love. And this is the place where You want me to be ... in need. Of You. And may those I love find You to be all that they need. Today. Tomorrow. And always.

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  1. Oh, how well I know worry & fear! We welcomed a precious grandaughter into the world this week, but not into the best of circumstances. But "greater is He Who is in us than he that is in the world!" Satan simply cannot steal our joy! Enjoyed the photos of your lovely family, Cherry. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia