Monday, June 3, 2013

Three Years Old

What started out as a small dream three years ago, is now blooming. 

Three years ago, on May 31, 2010, I published my first post here on Pursuing Heart. I really had no idea of what I was stepping into, but only knew that somehow God was opening up this door for me.

A journaler, and at a stage of life with a bit more time than before to pursue some dreams of mine, I followed the gentle nudges that it seemed that God was impressing on me, and  Pursuing Heart was born.

And it took a bit of courage. I had been used to journaling in quiet for years - recording the daily happenings of life and family, the everyday things that God was teaching me, and also the bigger, deeper lessons of life. And in opening up this blog, with the support of my dear hubby (my biggest encourager of all, who patiently read many of my first posts before I could muster up the courage to hit the "publish" button), and the encouragement of several friends, I began to share these thoughts in the wide open public place of a blog.

It was the right time for the birth, and now ... 
I am celebrating three years!

Looking back, things were a bit different here in May of 2010. There were no photos in my blog header, no photos in my posts. And today I am compelled to use a photo in each and every post. I started out by using photos from some online sources, and now, use photos that I have taken myself. For me, a photo is an integral part of a post, as it draws one into the focus of the post, helping us to feel and process what is being written about. There have been other changes in the format of this blog, as I have learned (and continually am learning) more.

But the main thing has remained the same. The main focus that God impressed on me in the beginning months of writing here, and the main thing that He continues to remind me of - over and over again - is that my focus is to ... listen. To Him. Everyday. Above all else. And as I spend time in His Word, with a surrendered heart, there is no end to what He has for us.

My heart is filled to overflowing with thanks to God for allowing me to share in this place. It is a joy. I had no idea three years ago how much joy would come from blogging. There is no end to the blessings He has for us as we quiet ourselves, and sit at His feet ... listening, and taking from that listening, and sharing, encouraging others. Whether it be through writing, through speaking, through acts of love and service, through the arts or sports or any other avenue - each in our own unique ways ... using our gifts and dreams - all for His glory. And we are filled up, finding what we are made for.

Thanks for following along, for visiting here,
for your words of encouragement. 
An unexpected blessing of blogging - 
the blossoming of friendships online and in real life.
You are a gift to me ...

Looking ahead: continuing on with sharing from my heart as I pursue God and all things related to the heart, family, and home. And maybe something new in the not-too-distant future - I am beginning to feel the gentle nudges to start collecting some of my writings in an eBook. Maybe. Following one step-at-a-time. Listening and following ...

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  1. Cherry, this is such an awesome milestone & a wonderful testament to how important listening to God's voice is. I actually just started a "new" blog today because I was hearing God's voice to get back into I listened.

    1. Thanks, Mitzi, for your visit, and for your kind words! And hope you enjoy writing on your brand new blog!

  2. Happy Birthday, friend.


    1. Thanks for your friendship through blogging, Glenda!

  3. I definitely think of your spot here Cherry, as a place to be encouraged to listen & serve God. I appreciate your good example as a woman who loves God. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. Thanks, Cynthia, for your visits, and for these encouraging words.

  4. Happy Birthday. I really enjoyed reading your history - followed many of the same steps as well. :) It's been a fun learning expedition, hasn't it. Have a blessed and beautiful new year to come.

  5. Dear Cherry
    Yes, listening to our Lord and sharing His heart with others in the blogosphere, are such a joy! This is my first visit to your blog and I can just sense your heart filled with love for our Lord!

  6. You are truly an encouragement! So thankful that the Lord put it on your heart to begin blogging! Have a blessed week.