Friday, June 7, 2013

Trip to Texas (Part 3)

We had such a wonderful trip to Dallas over Memorial Day weekend, and I've been capturing the memories with digital scrapbooking. Here's my third post, with three more of my digital scrapbook pages about our trip. 

So thankful we (together with three more daughters, and their six kids!) could make the trip to be with our daughter, her husband, and their four kids! We would have loved to have our two sons along, too, but they couldn't go because of their jobs ...

(Credits for digital scrapbooking pages: Templates - Scrap Girls JSM_dD_pageGrids; Papers - Scrap Girls KME_Butterfly; Frame - Scrap Girls KME_Butterfly.)

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  1. You got some great pics, Mom! What a fun trip that was...