Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Weekly Findings #1

A new place here that I'll be trying out - not sure if it will stay, but will see how it works. A place to collect and share some of the things I have found online throughout each week, or also maybe some things discovered in real life. Not wanting to lose them; and maybe they'll bless you, too?

I wasn't online as much as usual this past week, as life was filled to the brim with other things. But I did come across a few things that just grabbed my attention.

What a Christian Writer Does With Self-Doubt

The first time I visited Michele-Lyn's blog, I knew that I had found someone who I really connected with. I love her heart for God, and her authenticity in sharing from her life. Here she posts on the Allume blog about some of the struggles that writers deal with, even small bloggers like me. I appreciate her thoughts and encouragement.

8 Tips for Beginning Writers

Kris is another blogger whose writings I really connect with. She gives some good tips and insight into writing in a life that is filled with other things, as well. Tips on finding the time, and keeping priorities right. She shared her thoughts on the Allume blog, just as Michele-Lyn did this past week.

Copycat KFC Coleslaw

I have collected a lot of recipes over the years, but I don't have a coleslaw recipe that I love. So this one caught my attention - I will have to try it soon.


  1. I read them all and saved the coleslaw recipe. Thanks, Phyllis

    1. Thanks for visiting, Phyllis! And it will be fun to try this coleslaw recipe - I am hoping to do so soon.