Monday, April 22, 2013

Choose Joy

Unusual for April - snow, cold and cloudy days. Tomorrow - more snow in the forecast, and a high of 39. And the clouds across our nation and our world continue - people hurting, and in pain. Even in our own little corner - a granddaughter diagnosed with a serious eye disease, in addition to her diagnosis last month of a rare genetic kidney disease.

And, above the clouds and the cold - there is still JOY. 

"Trust in Me.
Do as I say each moment and all indeed shall be well ...
Have no fear, go forward.
Joy - radiant Joy must be yours.
Change all disappointment, even if only momentary, into Joy."
(God Calling)

Thanking God, for JOY, amidst the snow and the pain ...

Students responding to Jesus, choosing Him, needing Him
Our Cru High National Director here for assemblies at high schools
A young woman, mom of three at 21 years, finding the answer to her emptiness

The love of friends as we heard the difficult news of eye disease
Her trust and her response of surrender
Your love and Your grace holding our sweet granddaughter

Time spent with a son, home from a three-month job at sea
Dinner with my father, now 92 years
A fun and productive Freezer Meal Day with 3 daughters and 1 son

The fog, rain, and clouds viewed through the window
Joy and Peace secure within

"I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God!
For He has dressed me with the clothing of salvation
and draped me in a robe of righteousness."
(Isaiah 61:10a)


  1. Cherry,
    Sorry to hear about the hard Eucharisteos. Praying that you can stand on solid ground of faith in Jesus.

    1. Thanks, Janis - I do appreciate your concern and your prayers.