Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Light in the Darkness

How many around us are looking and scanning the horizons of their life - for Light? They may not know the source from where it comes, but there is a yearning, and a longing inside for Light. An emptiness of darkness engulfs our world, our cities, and our hearts.

We don't have to look far or search long to see this darkness. There is darkness all around. And those in darkness are living as those in darkness live. They are living the part well.

But what about those in the Light - we who are followers of the Light - are we living our part well? Is our light visible in the darkness? Do those searching for the Light have to look far?

"No one lights a lamp
and then covers it with a bowl
or hides it under a bed.
A lamp is placed on a stand,
where its light can be seen 
by all who enter the house."
(Luke 8:16)

What would our schools and our neighborhoods, our cities and our towns, look like - if we as followers of Jesus placed Love on a stand. Letting it's light beam into the darkness. The hurting around us, those who are scanning the horizons of their life for Light, would be drawn to Jesus.

Thoughts I have been pondering as we have been on campuses these past few days, seeking to be Light where there is much darkness. My heart broken, praying for students who are searching for Light, longing for them to find Him.

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  1. Amen! May my little light shine brightly. :)

  2. Lovely pic and uplifting post! Thanks for sharing.