Monday, April 1, 2013

New Life and a New Month

Starting out a new month quietly, with a photo and some words. Reflecting on the life and love that Jesus offered up for us. Offering us freedom from self; giving us the opportunity to live for Someone and something higher than ourselves.

These words are what captured my heart in a deep way while I was in my teen years (many years ago!). And I was reminded, again, over Easter, what life-giving words they are. As the years go by, I become even more aware of how much I need Jesus. How much I need His grace and mercy. Yes, received initially when we place our trust in Him. But also, needed every day. Every. Single. Day. And to think that He loves us, and desires to give us all we need to live for Him, instead of living self-centered lives - that is worth celebrating at Easter, and all through the year. And it is only by His grace and mercy that we can walk in this New Life.

I am thankful ... for New Life, for this new month to walk in His grace and mercy, for the gift of family, for four grandkids here overnight on Friday (helping their parents out), for a little grandbaby girl walking now (so cute), for a Family Easter Brunch Saturday morning (beautiful, delicious food - and time with our family, the sweetest company in the world), for a son home from CA (so blessed to have him here), for a phone call from another son (nearing the end of his fish processing job), for the last two episodes of "The Bible" that we viewed yesterday (so very powerful), for a short visit with my 91 year-old father after church, and for time to relax over the weekend with my sweet husband.

And looking forward to a new month of New Life ...

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  1. Beautiful and soothing tonight, Cherry. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome, Julie - and thanks for your visit. Have a great month of April!