Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Quilt for Sweet Eva

Completing another baby quilt - a tradition I started nearly seventeen years ago at the birth of our first grandbaby. And now a soft pink and white quilt for sweet Eva, the tenth grandbaby God has blessed us with! (How can the years go by so quickly?)

One of the baby blankets I made was crocheted (with pink hearts in the pattern), but the others have all been quilts, done with machine quilting. My goal has always been to have the quilts completed before our grandbabies turn one year old. I just made it this time, completing little Eva's quilt two weeks before she turned one in mid-March! It was such a fun day when I took it over to give to baby Eva and her mother. I always keep it a surprise with the fabric and design choice - and such fun to see how it fits so perfectly with sweet Eva. And to see how much our daughter loves it! (Thanks, Carrie, for the great photos you shared with me - of Eva with the quilt! She is such a sweetie!)

I started months ago, but as life is full, it took awhile to complete. I am so thankful for the sewing machine we purchased (about 10 years ago?), with two attachments specifically suited for machine quilting. It makes things so much easier. The most challenging part of the project was to pick out which fabric to use. I will admit that even after I had purchased some fabric, I changed my mind on one of the pieces purchased. Am so glad that I made the switch, as I discovered the beautiful ruffled white fabric that you see in the photos. The perfect touch for this soft pink and white baby quilt ...

So thankful for adorable little Eva, and for the joy of making a baby quilt - just for her.

(Credits for digital scrapbook page - Page Template: LW-Life Templates Set 12; Papers: ericamade-springtime, KSC_Beautiful; Font for heading: Simply Glorious)

NOTE:  I have had several inquires about this quilt pattern. The pattern I used, "Roses & Bows", is in "Simply Chenille Baby Quilts", a pattern book by Leisure Arts. I purchased mine from JoAnn Fabrics; click here to purchase from Amazon.

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  1. oh my goodness... this is precious. i adore the sweet little ruffles! and eva is adorable. xo

  2. Cherry - thanks for stopping by This quilt is adorable and so is your sweet granddaughter - what a lucky little girl!!

  3. Where did you get the template for this quilt? My grandchild is due in September and I would to make this for her

    1. Rachel, the pattern/template came in a book by Leisure Arts "Simply Chenille Baby Quilts" by Bonnie Olaveson. I think that I purchased it at a JoAnn Fabric Store awhile back. Hope you can find it!

    2. Cherry Do you know the specific name to this pattern?

    3. Rena, I added a note in my post with a link to the quilt pattern book where I found this particular pattern, "Roses & Bows". Hope that helps!