Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Synchronize My Heart to Yours {Heart Connect}

Lord, how do I keep my heart in tune with Yours
when life is spinning out of control
Sometimes there's just too much -
 with tasks and responsibilities
 especially for the careful and the diligent,
 the ones who prefer to be in control
 With news of disease and suffering
 even, and again, in our own family
 so unexpectedly, and so suddenly

But there is no control
and there is no slowing 
One moment leads to another
with no ceasing, and no slowing
we cannot stop time

Lord, in the noise and confusion of the moment
I am in need
Please synchronize my heart to Yours
I need an exchange
Your peace for my turmoil
Rest for unrest
Trust for my worry
Focus instead of discord
Your Perspective in place of confusion
Surrender in place of control

To synchronize - to coordinate, to combine. To keep in tune. To be connected. To the Source. Prayer. The tool of synchronization and transformation. The exchange between our Maker and His creation.

"As you behold His glory, you are changed so that your heart is a reflection of His. His will is reflected in your prayers. This is not because you now have more influence on Him, but because He now has more influence on you. The secret of prayer is not how to change God, but how to be changed by Him." (Jennifer Kennedy Dean)

Prayer - the transfer of what is on His heart, to ours.

Opening up my heart and soul to Him - in need, as I go through my busy days and as I continue to process some difficult news ...

Heart Connect: Living a Life of Prayer
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  2. Dear Cherry
    Reading the last verse of your poem, made me realize that we need. To exchange our lives for His, don't you think! Found you at FFFriday.

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