Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Held Secure: His Love in Times of Trial

My mind and my heart - so tender and fragile, all consumed this week with a dear daughter, and with her sweet daughter. The rest of life is blurred and unimportant, and it is difficult to concentrate on my daily tasks. For life brings us unexpected things; things we never even imagined that we would experience. And we shake our heads, and wipe our tears - wondering what in the world is going on.

Our worlds can be turned upside down in a moment. And life as we knew it, is forever changed. My heart is still freshly fragile with the news that we received this week. Our sweet 14 year-old granddaughter, Crystal, has been diagnosed with a rare genetic kidney disease that results in kidney failure during the teen years. It is not reversible, or treatable with medication. The only treatment is a kidney transplant. Which will most likely take place in about a year for our sweet Crystal. We will live in expectation of this for a year, and Crystal will be watched and checked closely for just the right time for a transplant.

Memories are flooding my mind and heart this week - memories of other unexpected things. A leukemia diagnosis for one of our daughters during her teen years. And a bone marrow transplant a year later after a relapse of her leukemia. And memories of the horrible accident my husband was in eleven years ago that almost took his life. Of the heart-breaking years of broken relationship with a daughter. Of infertility, of appendicitis attack, of miscarriage. Of more current trials family members are going through. Of a brother suffering with Parkinsons, and a sister-in-law (his wife) experiencing complications going through chemo for her cancer. And of recent news of a friend whose cancer is back, this time in stage IV.

Broken hearts. Broken relationships, and broken dreams. These things can break us, and turn us inside out with anger and despair. And I have been there. My world has been shattered many times. And now we venture out on another journey of walking with those we deeply love, through the hard trial of a kidney failure diagnosis.

There is no room for easy answers to these trials. And many go through much more heart-breaking trials than we can even imagine. There is no way around them, for life is full of trials. And there is no easy way through them.

But I have found that there is one thing that we can always count on. That we will be held secure. That the One who gave His very life for us, is always with us. And His Love is strongest when we are most in need. Our self-sufficiency is gone, our strength is gone, and we are found empty, in desperate need. And in our need, we are held, and we are secure. And we will never be the same.

Held Secure: His Love in Times of Trial

As we walk through this trial with our granddaughter and her family, I will be following God's promptings to share from a heart filled with thanks for His Love and Presence in hard times. From the memories of the past, and from the present. Seeking to learn more and to experience more of His unending, relentless Love. And praying the same for all who read these words ...

My posts in this series will be scattered throughout the days of the week, interspersed with posts on the other topics that I write about - listening and following God's promptings to share, from His Words, and from our journey. And I would love to be praying for you as you journey through trials and hard times - feel free to contact me through email, or through a comment left here ...

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  1. Thank you Jesus we have that blessed assurance, for He is mine.

    So comforting knowing this.

  2. I just finished a study on Jonah and "God's interruptions" in our lives..He doesn't always take the hard circumstances away but He definitely gives us what we need to go through the fire...

    I will be praying for your granddaughter and your family as you go through this trial that you will feel His presence with you through every step and tear....

  3. And, your journey continues... I, too, have had the most tragic to the most joyful news, in my 50 years.... But, through it all, I never lost my faith and neither will you. Let those tears flow in sorrow, joy and praise. Keep lifting praise to Him, even through your tears. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. I will continue to lift you, as you go through...Love and blessings~

  4. Love this. "That we will be held secure. That the One who gave His very life for us, is always with us. And His Love is strongest when we are most in need. Our self-sufficiency is gone, our strength is gone, and we are found empty, in desperate need. And in our need, we are held, and we are secure. And we will never be the same."

    Thank you.

  5. Praying tonight for your beautiful girl. Hugs.

  6. Praise God, He will meet you wherever you are in this journey and He WILL hold you secure. He promises to go before us, walk beside us, and watch over us. God bless you Cherry, your granddaughter, and family.
    In Christ,

  7. Oh, this makes me cry Cherry! Partly because of the sorrow it brings but partly because your words about how the Savior holds us secure in our sorrows are just beautiful. Prayers for dear Crystal & your family, Love, in Jesus, Cynthia

  8. I am so sorry that your family is going through this, Cherry. Thanks you for sharing your journey.


  9. Dear Cherry, I finally made my way here. And I know among friends, time stops for us doesn't it? Every time we visit, no matter the time passed, we meet as if it was just yesterday when we spoke. So, you know, as I sit and read your words, my heart just broke and my eyes just tears feeling the anguish of this unexpected, painful journey. And now, I understand more, why I have always felt at home here with you. Your soul has been living with Jesus through so many stories and memories that are alive in you. I imagined you there, sitting next to your daughter, then with your husband, and now with your daughter -- as she sits heart heavy with her daughter -- and then, now I see your heart fresh, open to walk through this with your beautiful Crystal. I know she is in good hands, because she has you there if she needs to cry -- which I know you will give her that freedom and gift. And for your family too. My wish as your heart friend is that you will find those moments and pockets for your heart as well. And I have full confidence in how near and tender Jesus will be touching deep where you need it most. And even more grateful knowing you will share it with us here, in the space and time as you feel prompted. With love from CA to you, across the digital divide. Your sister in Christ. *love* and *hugs*

  10. Adding Crystal and your family to my prayer list. Trusting God with you.