Monday, March 4, 2013

One Word

One word - one attitude. A word that keeps coming back to me ...

" ... Mary sat at the Lord's feet,
to what He taught."
(Luke 10:39)

Needing to be reminded - again. And again. For the busyness of this life, and the cares and concerns of this world draw us like a magnet, filling our minds and hearts, pulling us to the doing. Of tasks, of responsibilities. Which often are good, and are necessary. But of primary importance - before the doing, must come the listening. 

How were Noah and Moses able to hear God's clear, yet seemingly impossible-to-do instructions? To build an ark for a flood in a land where rain was not even known. To lead God's people out from under slavery, bound to a hard-hearted Pharaoh. (All so clearly portrayed in the first episode of The Bible, aired last night on the History Channel.)

Could it be that these two ordinary men were in the habit of listening to God - every day? Were they in the habit of desiring, of longing to hear from Him? And was Mary in the habit of doing the same - longing to learn from Jesus above all else? Was listening like breathing for each of them - the most basic desire and longing of their hearts? Even before the doing, did they long to hear from and listen to God? For from the listening, comes the doing of what is on His heart. 

Lord, please create in me more of a listening heart. May it be so essential to my day, my moments - as essential as breathing. My focus today, tomorrow - and every day. And from the listening, may I be doing what is on Your heart.

" they follow Him,
because they know His voice."
(John 10:4b)

(Photo: the view from our deck at the beginning of our ministry leadership conference. Of primary importance in my heart this week - desiring to listen.)


  1. Lovely post. I totally agree. The more I stop to listen- the more I hear and the more I respond.
    Thanks for this. If you would like to link to Wednesday's Word tomorrow that would be great.

  2. You are so right - that's so vital! And yet, for many of us - especially those multigenerational caregivers in the Sandwich Generation - it's so difficult. I always envisioned this to be a quieter, more peaceful season of life and for many of my friends, it is. Not for me though. Then again, I'm never bored and that's a blessing. One thing I have learned to do to make sure I have daily time with the Lord is to start listening to audio sermons from a favorite pastor or two. I especially appreciate the ministry of Pastor Focht of Calvary Chapel Philadelphia. He works through each book of the Bible with verse by verse Bible studies and does it with humor, grace, and compassion. A baby boomer grandpa like me makes the sermons even more applicable to my season of life. :) I can listen to the sermons while driving to babysit grandkids, tidying up, and even sometimes in bed when I wake in the middle of the night. I'm telling you, my iPod is truly a sweet blessing from God. :)

    However we do it, though, you are so right that we need to spend time daily, often, with our Lord, listening to Him and to His word.