Monday, April 2, 2012

A Successful Day

"A successful day is one in which
you have stayed in touch with Me,
even if many things 
remain undone at the end of the day."
(Jesus Calling)

Thanking God for reminders of what is most important ...
and thanking Him for His many gifts of this past week ~

a son coming over to help his dad cut up wood (for next winter)
preparations for sharing a devo at a women's event
discovering I have a copy of One Thousand Gifts to share as a give-away
reminders to give thanks, always
helping a daughter so she can have a quiet day with her newborn
happy to have big brother here for a day - so full of life and joy
holding a newborn grandbaby - never tire of this
reminders to thank Him even for mistakes and weaknesses
things that draw me to run to Jesus
sharing with friends as a couple - so much in common
our staff team meeting 
more ideas to share in the devo
a day at a daughter's house
caring for newborn grandbaby while mommy runs errands
giving of baby clothes I saved from this daughter
for her to have for her newborn daughter
creating of a new blog header for April - always learning
Jesus' sacrifice - most valued treasure
my husband saying it's time
the purchase of an iPhone for me
visiting a dear friend in the hospital
praising God for her remarkable recovery
a daughter coming over for my help with a project
a grandson so excited to show us a new robot toy
a granddaughter happy to play with dolls
trust that God will use the thoughts He gave for the devo
women who love to gather together
apps for iPhone
Wunderlist, Instagram, ScriptureTyper
a sister-in-law's good recovery from surgery
beautiful spring weather
a walk earlier this evening on the edge of our town (photo above)

(Counting 1000 Gifts in 2012 #249-280)


  1. Hello, I read your blog regularly. Found you a few weeks ago. Just want to say thank you for sharing your faith and thankful heart! Your words are so encouraging to me. Life is very busy isn't it? Thank you for the reminder that it isn't getting everything done that is the most important thing. It is spending time with the Lord and filtering our tasks through a thankful heart. Thank you:)

    1. Thanks for visiting - I'm honored to have you reading here! Yes, reminders are so good - of what is most important, and also of being thankful for everything. These posts are reminders for me, as well!

  2. Cherry,
    I didn't know that you had a blog! I am so excited to be able to read what you have already written!
    I have read Ann Voskamp's book along with the(In) Bloom book club readers. It was awesome. I should read it again this spring.
    Looking forward to renewing our friendship!
    - L J Connealy

    1. And so fun to hear from you here! I'll look forward to connecting with you, as well! I read Ann's book along with the )In) Bloom book club, too! And yes, it was so good - I have been thinking, too, that I should read it again!
      Enjoy this beautiful spring weather!