Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby Shower Blessings

When a daughter is blessed with love, so I am blessed, as well. A little over a month ago, Carrie & Tyler gave birth to beautiful little baby Eva. It has been a joy to see how their church family has blessed them with love and care. Meals were delivered to their home for four weeks (two or three days a week), and also, they were blessed with a shower of gifts for little Eva. And, as mom (and grama), I was invited to the shower, as well. It warms my heart to see them loved so well by their Relevant family.

A whole month has gone by since we welcomed sweet Eva into our arms - what a joy it has been to help Carrie out in various ways. The blessing of being mom and grama, and of living nearby. It also gives me an excuse to buy some adorable little outfits for our new baby granddaughter - and also, an opportunity to make a crochet-edging baby blanket, just in time to give at the shower.

Thankful for the joy of being mom, and of being grama ... and thankful for the gift of little Eva to our family - our 10th grandchild!

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