Monday, March 12, 2012

It Will Be Soon

Very soon ~ the daffodil buds in our yard will burst open ... and soon my favorite season of the year will be here. I can feel the stirrings in the air, new life waiting to spread it's beauty.

Very soon ~ our youngest daughter will hold her precious newborn baby in her arms ... and we will welcome our 10th grandbaby into our hearts and lives. We are waiting and longing for this greatest gift of all - the birth of new, fresh life.

And very soon ~ our oldest son will move to San Francisco, fulfilling a dream he has had for quite awhile. A new job for him, new opportunities in a fascinating city. We are excited for him ... and know that it will be a new journey for us, as well, as we will miss him here.

This week will be bringing new things. Sometimes I don't know if my "mother heart" can hold all the emotions of new things. My "mother heart" - bursting with love, holding on and treasuring moments, wanting them to stay alive forever - and also, a heart needing to be gently held together, constantly letting go and releasing our (grown) children. And always, loving them - and trusting God for them.

And today, holding the memories of this past week in my heart ~ thanking God for:

Time for my soul to breathe, after busy days of preparing for our Silent Auction fundraiser.
Some days at home - cleaning, baking, preparing for family here.
Great bargains at Kohl's - with a 30% off coupon.
Taking Panda Express meal to a daughter, 39 weeks - so ready to deliver.
Four pans of dinner rolls made.
Winter decor away - and the putting up of some spring decor.
Some warmer days.
Daffodil plants growing, and budding.
Birthday party invitation received for two little grandsons, turning three soon.
Organizing of digital scrapbook supplies.

Holding our weekly staff meeting here at our house.
Sharing of hearts while going through Beth Moore's "James: Mercy Triumphs" study.
Connecting with friends in our small group from church.
Friends who pray for us.
A short visit with my 90 year-old father yesterday.
Phone calls, texts, email messages - from our grown kids.
Waiting with expectancy - for birth, for spring, for new opportunities.

"Waiting, trusting, and hoping
are intricately connected, like golden strands 
interwoven to form a strong chain."
(Jesus Calling)

(Counting 1000 Gifts in 2012 - #171-187)


  1. I saw my daffodils peeking out just today here in Missouri:) Also, my husband works often in the San Francisco area. There is so much there to enjoy visiting and exploring. I'm sure you all will miss him as well as have fun when you visit.
    There is a lot happening very soon!

  2. Such an exciting time for your family. And daffodils, too.


  3. As a new momma on the beginning side of this journey, it is refreshing to hear your words coming from the other end of parenting. I love hearing your heart for trusting your children to God. Beautiful words. Thank you!

  4. What a beautiful list! Seems every season of nature and our lives, bring times of refreshing and new life! I have daff's peeking out as well, although not as far as yours! I am basking in Hope as we head towards Spring!
    Blessings on your day,

  5. Wonderful wild expectations written here. Don't you just love spring? And 10 grandchildren. - how blessed you are. Sure glad we connected over the internet.

  6. I love your focus on gratitude during the waiting. I feel like we have been waiting and now that things are taking a new direction, it's felt like confusion. Thank you for the reminder of the eucharisteo Ann wrote about, I believe it is time to continue counting my 1000 gifts. Stopping by from Write It, Girl.

  7. This is a lovely list and I love the photo of the daffodils.

    I live the recipe in a jar idea too! I'll have to try that myself.

  8. I've seen so many hints of Spring recently. I love this season of new life ... new beginnings, resurrection! A message from God .... straight to my heart ... always HOPE!

  9. So blessed by your post, Cherry! What joy. And you stirred my emotions of the letting go part of mothering. I can hardly breathe when I think about needing to do that! I need to do that now in small snippets, but not like you yet...Praise God for your grandchildren! Such joy!
    and I smiled when I saw your 30% off kohl's as I just spent mine! : )
    Thank you for letting me share a bit in your joy of all things new.
    All for Him,