Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mom and Grama

After a daughter has a baby, I get the best of both worlds ~ my heart is filled to overflowing as I help my daughter. And also, I am overjoyed to spend time with my grandkids.

Today I headed into Omaha to pick up three year-old Cruz again for the day, giving Carrie a break to enjoy her newborn Eva in a quiet house. One cannot get enough of bonding with a newborn baby.  And so sweet to catch the photos above of Cruz with his baby sister - they have truly bonded, as well.

Back at our house for the day, Cruz and I had a wonderful time together. The weather was perfect for jumping on the trampoline. Cruz had fun helping us put on a new trampoline pad that had just arrived the day before by UPS. And indoors, he was fascinated with play-doh, and also with a little painting project.

It gave me a lot of joy to give Carrie a quiet day with little Eva ~ and also in the morning and again, at the end of the day when I took Cruz back to his house, I enjoyed some sweet moments holding baby Eva, too. Wanting to treasure this time with our newborn grandbaby girl - such a sweetheart.

Being a mom, and being a grama ~ two of life's greatest blessings. Thanking God for His gifts ...

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  1. Oh, what precious pictures you captured! Loved the two siblings together! and looks like Cruz enjoyed his one-on-one time with you as well :)

    What blessings! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of that joy with us!

  2. So happy for you, Cherry. I keep having to borrow grandchildren.

  3. Congrats on the new baby girl and the joys of being a mama and grama. Our grandchildren live some 2000 miles away and always have. It's been hard not being close. Now our oldest has stepchildren who are now having babies, so we have great-grandkids to enjoy. Truly a blessing!

  4. Aww... they are adorable! Looks like such a wonderful and fun day! :)