Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Step

It's been about a year now that I have had Photoshop Elements. And it's been fun for me to take time (here and there, in the busyness of life) to learn how to use it. I've barely even made a dent in all that there is to offer in PSE, but I am slowly making progress.

My most recent step of progress has been in finding out how to create Blog Headers. And my very first one is now decorating my blog page for the month of March. I originally purchased PSE for using with digital scrapbooking, but am continually amazed at all the other things that can be done with it.

Being the season-loving and special holiday-loving person that I am, it is not surprising that I am continually changing my blog header throughout the year to go with whatever season we are in. Love giving this blog a fresh look, and now I have PSE to help me with it!

Thanking God for the little joys He brings to our days! 

(Credit: Digital paper and elements from Scrap Girls - ABR_Because of You)

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondered if you can give me a little more instruction for the header. I use PSE to make webphotos for my blogs but haven't done much else.

  2. Lovely header! It's great that you're learning more and finding wonderful ways to use it.

  3. Your header is beautiful! I love the little pieces of tape on the sides. :) I have photoshop elements too and I know I have come nowhere close to learning the entire program! So glad you joined us to share Cherry!

  4. You mean your header is made digital, it's not a photo of some 3d scrap layout? Wow, things you can do with a computer.
    It looks great.

  5. I am impressed. Strong work.