Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tilling the Soil

Two weeks before the week of Easter, continuing to "put on" the focus of preparing my heart, of asking God to till up the soil in my life, preparing it to receive and to grow. Looking for fresh sprouts of life.

The Master Gardener knows just what to do, and has been removing some of the ugly weeds that have taken root without my even realizing it. Pride, selfishness, disrespect, worry ... ugly weeds. I am afraid that this weeding is a continual job, always there are the weeds. But as I place myself in His care, I can trust that His Spirit will continually do the weeding that is necessary for growth.

And then to see signs of new growth ... such joy! I love spring ... my favorite season of the year (though I love them all)! It is invigorating to see the green grass coming, to see the buds forming on our bushes!

Things that have grown a bit stagnant and lifeless, are coming to life again. God has been tilling up the soil of my heart regarding prayer in recent days. Something that is easy to become stagnant, routine. Intercessory prayer ... that work of most importance ... fresh thoughts are bringing new life. I need the daily tilling of my heart to keep His perspective alive.

God calls us to something deeper in prayer than our going through the motions of praying for others. He calls us into something that gives us the greatest joy ... to be part of what He is doing, to carry His heart with us as we pray, praying for the things that He desires to do. Accepting the call to be intercessors for His will to be brought to earth.

"Worship and intercession must go together; 
one is impossible without the other. 
Intercession means raising ourselves up
 to the point of getting the mind of Christ
 regarding the person for whom we are praying." 
(My Utmost for His Highest)

Am I living in such close connection with this Giver of Life, and am I being so sensitive to His Spirit within ... that as I pray, I sense His heartbeat for the one I am praying for? Even for the many who He longs to reveal His love to ... yet, He is looking for an intercessor, someone to pray for their hearts to be prepared to receive new Life.

Last fall I went through an amazing study on prayer (Live a Praying Life), and this spring I am asking God to stir up my heart again with some of the truths that I learned. The new buds are coming, and my heart has been filled with joy as I join in with Him, with His Spirit within, to pray for what He desires to do in peoples' lives, even (and especially) in the lives of those I love the most.

Lord, help us to live in such close connection with You that we can hear You, that our hearts can beat with Your heart, joining in with the prayers already in process from the Spirit within, interceding for those around us, and around the world.

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  1. I love all your pictures. Spring is definitely here and it is such a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness to us. Worship and intercession...thanks for the reminder to keep these two connected.

  2. I was coming home from a walk and I was amazed how well our flowers are doing. Last year the flowers were sparse. I thought it is amazing what happens when you change the condition of the soil.

    It is then that the Lord spoke to me. It was like he was asking me to look at the condition of my heart's soil.

    I had a dream last week where I looked out my front window and the grass was all but gone. Even though there was clumps of green grass, most of the lawn was dry dirt with a bunch of weeds. I knew this was from neglect. My "new boss" was there with me and saw the look in my eyes and he said "Don't worry, I know a "master gardener" and he will change this lawn and it will be lush again.

    Thank you for this article, The Lord spoke to me through it.

    1. Thank you, Bobbie, for reading this post, and for your thoughtful comment, which led me to read this post again myself! We all need to keep the soil of our hearts tilled and healthy, ready to receive all He has for us. I was encouraged by these thoughts again, and also by your thoughts in your comment. Thanks!