Friday, February 25, 2011

Gift Wrap

With our big family of 21 (with our six grown children, four sons-in-law, and nine grandkids!), there are always gifts to wrap! And having a bit more room in our house than we have had before, during these "empty nest" years ... I found some space in a closet a few years ago for my gift-wrapping supplies, all in one place.

And it seemed a good time of year, before all the spring festivities, to freshen up this place ... clean out the older items no longer used, and prepare for a new season. I have been following a blog in recent weeks that is encouraging link-ups on various cleaning/organizing projects, and the link-up this week is on Gift Wrap Stations ... a motivation this week for this particular project. It has been a full week, but I always have time for an organizing project or two each week ... something I love to do.

A place for gift wrap supplies ... in a closet in the room that I use for scrapbooking, and other projects.

A supply of gift wrap ...

In a basket above the drawers ... love to use ribbon for wrapping gifts.

And the top drawer ... more kinds of ribbon.

And the next drawer ... small and medium sized gift bags, and tissue wrap.
The larger gift bags sit on the floor to the left of the shelf unit.

So thankful for family and friends to whom we can show our love by giving gifts to throughout the year. And thankful for this space to store supplies ...

Linked to A Bowl Full of Lemons


  1. I have a similar gift wrapping station. It's wonderful to have and makes life so much more easier.

  2. waahhh! i want all of these tips and to implement them now...but you know I'm packing and so I will have to postpone these endeavors...have all of your tips together for me so I can look them up and implement when I'm across the ocean, will you?

    hugs, me:)

  3. Great Gift Wrap Station! I have a new linky party beginning Thursday,the 3rd. I am inviting you to join in.