Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Way to Spell "L-O-V-E"

The "love" month ... and my mind and heart have been spending time on that word, thinking and listening.

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"And you must love the Lord your God
 with all your heart, all your soul, 
all your mind, and all your strength. 
The second is equally important:
 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' 
No other commandment is greater than these." 
(Mark 12:30-31)

The first part of this verse is what occupies my mind the most, and calls for me each day, calling to me to make this love the priority of each day, the priority of my life. 

And the second part, drawing my attention, as well. These words ... "the second is equally important". Equally important to loving GOD

Loving others as I love myself ... this thing that is equally important to loving God. I must listen to what this means. I need to learn, each day I need to learn.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" ... I know what it means to love myself, to spend time caring for myself, getting myself ready for each day, pursuing my dreams and my hobbies in the midst of a busy life. It just comes naturally to me.

But this second part does not come on it's own. Yes, days when I can hardly contain it, as it spills out all around me ... love for others. The days when I held each of my six in my arms for the first time, and all the subsequent days when they are irresistible, drawing my heart and my love ... on days when things are going well and people around me are magnets, drawing me to love them unreservedly. But there are more days than we want to admit when it does not come naturally, when it is the hardest thing. Days when we just want to spend our time doing what we want to do.

But instead, we are called to love ...

to drop what we have planned for the day, and help a family member or a friend in their need

to give 18 years, and more, of our lives to each of our children, around-the-clock

to carry them around in our hearts and our prayers for all of our days

to take time during our days to send an encouraging email, a caring card to someone in need

to listen and to care what our husbands are thinking and needing from us

to spend time in intercessory prayer, what is most needed for those we love

This loving others as myself ... requires that I have the first part in place, that I am growing my love with God first of all, that I am letting His Love fill me completely to the brim, and spill over. For this love for others does not come on it's own.

And this loving others means giving of ourselves and giving of one of the things most precious to us ... giving of our time. Maybe the hardest thing of all to give.  Giving of our time, giving up our time, offering our time to the Giver of Time. A new way to spell love ... T-I-M-E.

Loving Lord, maker of love, and giver of time ... fill me to overflowing with Your love, and use my time to love those around me.

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  1. 'to give 18 years, and more, of our lives to each of our children, around-the-clock

    to carry them around in our hearts and our prayers for all of our days'

    I know you shared that second part before, but yes, it really is this...oh Cherry, I have so much to learn. I am so selfish and self-seeking and...ugghhh...but as I love and seek Him He really will draw me into this loving others.

    thank you as always, for your priceless wisdom and heart.

  2. Love certainly does take time! This is a beautiful post.

  3. thank you for this, mom. what good thoughts.

  4. Cherry -- One of the love languages is spending time. And it is one of the hardest gifts to give. Other things are easier, but time? Yes, what a profound truth you snuggled into this post for us. Time is love. What a beautiful mom you are - I hope I can grow in this giving away as you say.