Friday, May 11, 2012

A Prayer for Mothers

"The whole earth is full of His glory.
Sky, land, and sea - saturated with God's glory -
why do I always forget?"
(Selections from One Thousand Gifts)

The busyness of life as a mother (and now for me, also, as a "grama") - can so easily alter our view of the beauty around us. Calling us to focus on the urgent, the daily, the routine chores and duties. The unending lists of things to do to care for a household and a family. For there are always things to be picked up, beds to be made, laundry to be done, meals to prepare - over, and over again. And these things are all necessary - ways to love and care for our families.

But, in the midst of this busyness and this caring and serving - our eyes, ears, and hearts need to be on the alert. For beauty. For His gifts to us. Everywhere. And all around us. How can we be too busy to notice? 

"This moment, this place is none other than a gate into heaven ...
The weight of God's glory, not illusory or ephemeral,
but daily and everywhere,
puncture's earth's lid and heaven falls through the holes."
(Selections from One Thousand Gifts)

"Whatever is good and perfect
comes down to us from God our Father ... "
(James 1:17a)

Asking God every day - to open my heart to receive His gifts. To see the beauty all around.

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  1. Yes, the whole earth is full of His glory!

    Lord give us eyes to see!

  2. Adding to Joe's comment, indeed the whole earth is fully of His glory, and you've shared it beautifully here.

    One of my many favorite hymns is "Open My Eyes." Without open eyes, I'd miss so much!

  3. A beautiful prayer for busy tired moms.

  4. I think we all need this, eyes to see the important. Thanks for visiting me.