Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What is My Default?

This is the key;
though it isn't always
our default in times of
concern and when facing
the unknown.

It's easy to find ourselves
filled with anxious thoughts
as we hear the news, as we
are suddenly in situations
where we have never been.

But when we become immersed
in turmoil and unrest, and
can't seem to calm our
restless hearts, there is
a steady light for us.

During these COVID-19 days
and now into Week 5 of 
staying-at-home ...

Let's keep our eyes and our
hearts focused on Him ...
more time at home equals
more time for extended devo
times in His Word.

Picking up His Words to read
throughout the day, turning
our worries into prayers.

Thinking on the good and the
lovely, picking up a new
creative hobby to learn, 
focusing on serving others. 

And we'll soon find ourselves
experiencing perfect peace.

"You will keep in perfect peace,
all who trust in You, all whose
thoughts are fixed on You."
(Isaiah 26:3) 

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