Monday, April 27, 2020

Give Thanks in All Circumstances

Does anyone else
need to be reminded as I do?

If often takes me awhile to give in,
to give thanks in a difficult situation.
In hindsight, I can readily see
that God was at work, and I can
offer genuine thanks from my heart.

But in the midst of a hard time,
a challenge? A roadblock?
Well, I need His mercy and grace
to lift my eyes from circumstances
that may be confusing; lift my eyes up 
to our loving Father who is in control.

"For believers aiming to be set apart
and made more like Christ,
every circumstance becomes an
opportunity to rejoice and give thanks,
having access to the Father through
prayer while waiting to understand
their circumstances."
(Beholding and Becoming,
Ruth Chou Simons)

Thank You, Lord, for Your patient
love and grace, enabling us to see
You at work today, giving us joy
in the process, in the present -
all for Your Glory, and our good.

The Lord says,
I will guide you along
the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you
and watch over you.
(Psalm 32:8)

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