Monday, September 2, 2019

A Collection: Little Devo Posts on Instagram

The months of July and August were really quiet here on my blog, but the days and weeks were filled with many things. We've been enjoying the beauty of summer - while at home, at our biennual Cru Staff Conference in Colorado, with family visiting, and also with a little getaway trip over our anniversary. 

My writing filled my journal pages, and some of my thoughts slipped out onto Instagram in the form of little devotional posts during the summer months. You can read some of them here, as well ...

"For the Lord your God ⠀
is living among you.⠀
He is a mighty Savior. ⠀
He will take delight⠀
in you with gladness. ⠀
With His love,⠀
He will calm all your fears.⠀
He will rejoice over you⠀
with joyful songs."⠀

(Zephaniah 3:17 NLT)⠀

Photo: Potted Catalina flowers on our patio table.⠀


Love expressed ...
she gave her most precious
possession, anointing His feet,
wiping His feet with her hair.
For she had been forgiven much.

And how do you, how do I
express our thanks from the
deepest places of our hearts?

May it be my daily desire, 
and may it be yours, as well ...
to worship Him and give our thanks
with our lives, with our words,
with our most precious treasures
“when He turns our brokenness 
into something beautiful”.
From: (in)Courage Devotional Bible 

Photo: Taken from the Colorado cabin a few years ago.


In this world⠀
of noise and strife,⠀
busyness, desire for ⠀
approval, achievement -⠀
let these words slip⠀
quietly into our hearts ...⠀

“Be still and know that I am God.”⠀
(Psalm 46:10)⠀

“Let all that I am wait quietly ⠀
before God …”⠀
(Psalm 62:5a)⠀

“In quietness and trust ⠀
is your strength.”⠀
(Isaiah 30:15)⠀

“Make it your ambition⠀
to lead a quiet life.”⠀
(I Thess. 4:11a)⠀


A good book is like a precious treasure, filled with new insight and encouragement for our souls. And it's always a treat to come across authors who speak the language of our hearts. I just finished reading a gem of a book - You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons, filled with fresh insight into living in freedom - forgiven, abiding in His Presence, and for His approval alone. And I'm presently reading Shelter of the Most High, part of an amazing fiction series set in Old Testament times by an author I have recently discovered. This is my fifth fiction book by Connilyn Cossette in this calendar year.


In the expanse
of earth and of time,
do you sometimes wonder
if your one life even matters?

There was a time recorded for us⠀
when after 10 long generations⠀
from creation, there was just⠀
one man who walked with God.⠀
Only one man who followed after God.⠀
Noah's one life mattered.⠀

His life, his choices, his heart to⠀
follow and obey made a difference.⠀
"Noah walked with God." (Gen. 6:9) ⠀

And your one life, and my one life ⠀
matters. We will never know the extent ⠀
of all the many ways that even one life⠀
can make an impact for eternity.⠀


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