Thursday, February 1, 2018

Welcome February!

January was certainly full of the unexpected. In the midst of some slower days at the beginning of the month, while starting into the new year in slow-mode after a full and wonderful and amazing Family Christmas with our whole family home, we received a phone call that moved us very quickly onto a fast-track of emotions. Of grief, of phone calls, and then of the arrival of my brothers and sisters (in-law) from the east coast and the west coast. 

The phone call on Jan. 10th informed us that my father had fallen in his apartment in an Assisted Living facility nearby. He was taken by rescue squad later that day; it was determined that he had had a heart attack. After some precious time with him that evening, through the night, and into the next day, he passed away the evening of Jan. 11th. He was 96 years old, and had been longing for heaven, and to be reunited with his dear wife (my loving mother) ever since she passed away in 2007. So, his home-going was an answer to his prayers, and we are celebrating with him! At the same time, we are grieving our loss. It is definitely an adjustment to have lost both of my parents now. 

It has been a journey through many emotions since that day he left us. And it has been an intense journey as we have packed up his apartment, and also as we are taking care of all of his business affairs. A new experience for me, for sure ... a new journey, a new path.

And I am in need of new strength, new peace, and new wisdom. How very grateful I am that our God never changes; He always remains the same, His promises are always secure. Even though our circumstances change. I love this quote from the beginning of the new Gracelaced book, by Ruth Chou Simons ...

"Jesus' character -
as our refuge, as trustworthy,
as sufficient, as ever-present,
as wise, as merciful, as in control,
and as sovereign Lord -
breaks through the harsh cold of the season
as He steps in to carry our burdens,
reminding us that true rest comes
when we rest in Him."
(Ruth Chou Simons)

And as we step into this beautiful month of February, 
we can trust in, rest in, and expect the same ... 
His Presence with us along each path He leads us on,  
throughout each day that dawns, 
and in the midst of each moment of each day.

(free photo from pixabay)

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