Thursday, October 19, 2017

Quieting My Heart: The Work Has Been Done

The work has already been done;
the hard work of prayer
has already been accomplished 
on the Cross where Jesus
sacrificed His life, for us.

And because of what He did,
of all that He went through,
our prayers - In His Name -
reach the Father,
and are heard by Him.

Who am I to hesitate
and to hold back,
to even neglect and refrain
from asking, and from
sharing my deepest
requests and needs
with the Father.

“I tell you the truth,
you will ask the Father directly
and He will grant your request
because you use My Name …
Ask, using My Name,
and you will receive, and you
will have abundant joy.”
(John 16:23b-24)

How can we even grasp
this greatest privilege
that we have.
And how can we thank You
for the hard work of 
Your sacrifice for us, 
and for the unbelievable
privilege of asking.

(Photo: our Autumn Blaze maple tree, fall 2016)

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