Thursday, June 11, 2015

In the Kitchen

Time for another glimpse into my kitchen! A fun little post for me to write, and maybe a bit of encouragement for you in your kitchen?

We've had some cooler-than-normal days this spring, and on one of those days recently, it just seemed like a grilled cheese and tomato soup kind of day. Using some homemade Herb Bread made it even a bit more special.

On one of my recent trips to Sam's, I picked up a 6# package of ground beef, a 6# package of chicken breast, a package of fully cooked bacon, and a package of beef brisket. I like to divide up the ground beef and also the chicken breast into smaller packages (for the two of us) before putting in the freezer. The cooked bacon comes in handy for some quick recipes, and I purchased the beef brisket for an upcoming staff meal. Besides the convenience of buying larger packages of meat, it also is a better price to purchase in larger packages.

My hubby and I both had bad colds two weeks ago. It was wonderful to have some freezer meals on hand. One day when I didn't feel up to cooking,  we enjoyed this comforting dish that I had prepared awhile ago ... Sunday Chicken and Stuffing.

It's always such fun to start picking veggies from our garden, and usually the first thing that is ready each spring/summer is the salad greens. What a treat to use freshly picked lettuce and spinach for a refreshing salad this past weekend!

My hubby planted two rows of salad greens (two different kinds), and also a row of spinach. He did something different this year and put the pepper plants in the same row as the salad greens, as the salad greens have such a short season. After the greens are done producing, the green peppers will have all the room they need as they grow.


  1. Hi Cherry! I LOVED beautiful post and it made me hungry for grilled cheese and tomato soup. :) I think it looks really cute how you cut the veggies so small and cute. I used to make salads more and do that. Your garden is beautiful. What a blessing! God is so good!

    1. Amber, so sweet to have you visit, and thanks for your kind words! Hope you are enjoying time in your kitchen, too:)