Monday, November 17, 2014

In the Kitchen

Menu planning has always been important to me. Of course, it was a very necessary thing when our six children were still at home. And I am finding that it is also very important for me to make the effort to plan menus during our empty nest years. It is just too easy to put off the planning, and then to struggle with what to make when dinner time draws near. 

Just for fun ... here's a little peak into my kitchen. Not a peak ahead to the coming week, but a glance back to see what took place In the Kitchen last week. Sharing what was on the menu for last week ...

Soup Night
Cheesy Chicken Chowder (doubled - a large pot)
(served to guests one night, 
another night for just the two of us,
and a meal taken to my father another night)

Sat. Night Breakfast
Pancakes & Eggs (made by my hubby!)

Sunday Dinner
Meatloaf (doubled - some for the freezer)

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
Ham & Cheese on Flat Bread
Hashbrown & Egg Dish

Herb Bread (from this amazing cookbook,
just for bread machines)

Pumpkin Squares (from the freezer)

It was a quieter week in my kitchen - there were several meals of fast food as we made multiple trips to help out with my father in the Health Center, and we also enjoyed a special meal out together for our Friday Date Night. I also took some time over the weekend to start on menu planning for the next six weeks, taking us through the busy and wonderful holiday season.

What have you been creating in your kitchen?

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