Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Place of Nourishment

Praying that you were nourished today, in every way. 
With a feast of food, good for the body.
With conversation that feeds the soul.
And with love that causes the heart to overflow.

Wishing you many sacred moments with family during this Thanksgiving weekend, and in the coming Christmas season. Taking time from the busyness of life for what matters the most, spending time with those we love.

When the table is full, heavy with platters,
wine glasses scattered,
napkins twisted and crumpled, forks askew,
dessert plates scattered with crumbs and icing,
candles burning down low -
it's in those moments that I feel 
a deep sense of God's presence and happiness.
(Shauna Niequist, Bread and Wine)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Note: Special credit for the photo above - a brand new blog that opened up a month ago, Grace Table. Three times a week - thoughts on true hospitality, the sharing of heart and home, reflecting Jesus to those around us. You will be blessed by visiting, and joining in the conversation at Grace Table. I will be returning there often to listen and to be encouraged in hospitality ...

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