Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ask Anything

"Give us this day our daily bread."
(Matthew 6:11)

Is there anything more basic, more universal, than bread? Each culture, throughout time, finds their sustenance on some form of this basic of all foods. 

Bread represents our most basic of needs; those things that are absolutely necessary. And also those things that maybe at times are so basic that we may treat them as insignificant. Those needs that we sometimes hesitate to share with anyone, or even with God, for we wonder how we could ask for something so simple, so commonplace.  

But He tells us to ask. For whatever our need is. 

"He wants to be part of all the decisions we make. He wants our material needs to draw us into our soul needs. This is what it means to abide - to include Him in every aspect of our lives." (Paul Miller, A Praying Life)

"Abiding is a perfect way to describe a praying life."
(A Praying Life)

Talking with Him about everything - bringing all (every) need to Him. Nothing is too small to talk with Him about. Nothing is too big to talk with Him about. He wants to hear it all. 

"One of the best ways to learn how to abide 
is to ask anything ...
Tell God what you want.
Before you can abide, 
the real you has to meet the real God.
Ask anything."
(A Praying Life)

Thanking Him for reminders to ask. For whatever is on my heart. For whatever my need is. Big or small. Significant or insignificant. If it is a need, ask. And we will find ourselves in constant communication, for we are in constant need. 

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  1. Enjoyed this post so much! Your picture caught my attention with "Atlanta Bread Company" on the wrapper...because I live fairly close to Atlanta, but the post was soaked in rich truth. Living a life of prayer is where we really get to experience God at work in literally everything! Stopping by from the Weekend Brew. Many blessings as you continue to put your heart out there. <><

    1. Fun to hear from someone who lives near Atlanta! I took this photo a few years ago when we were transferring on a flight - enjoyed a quick meal right there in the airport! Thanks for your visit, and for your encouraging words left here.

  2. Loved this particularly because I was one of the editors of Miller's first book "Love Walked" and he mentions this editing in the Praying Life, as I recollect. Haven't read it for some years. It is an amazing book.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Anita! Fun to hear from an editor of one of Miller's books! I really loved his book "A Praying Life". So full of truth and encouragement in prayer.