Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Strong Refuge

In the busyness of life, 
in the calm and in the storm, 
do we sometimes live 
as if we are without hope? 
Or do we live each day 
quietly, hopefully, 
waiting on God?

These verses have grabbed my heart (again) this week. In the busyness of a new fall season with all the activity and events that come with it, in the calm of daily routines, and in the trials that are always present - how do I live my days? In a stressed, hurried state of mind and heart, or with a quiet hope, trusting in God? 

Lord, let all that I am wait quietly before You, for my hope is in You. You alone are my rock and my salvation, my strong fortress where I will not be shaken. My victory and honor come from You alone. You are my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me. Lord, help us to trust You at all times, and to pour out our hearts to You, for You are our refuge.

Thanking Him for reminders, and for His words to turn into prayers, helping us express the cries of our hearts. And thanking Him for being our strong refuge.

(Photo taken three years ago this month while on our 40th Anniversary trip to Italy - one of our favorite spots while there. The beautiful Cinque Terra region, and the village of Manarola, tucked amongst the rocky cliffs. Thanking God for the amazing trip we could take, a gift from Him - and for being our rock, our strong refuge.)

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  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading your post! I saw your link on Holley Gerth's blog. I'm a brand new blogger so I'm still learning! I hope that I linked up right!
    I love the photos on your page. The Cinque Terra region is on my "bucket list" of places to see. It looks beautiful! My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this year with a trip to Scotland and Ireland. I'll look forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Kim, thanks for your visit, and hope you are having fun with blogging! Yes, Cinque Terra was our favorite ... your trip to Scotland and Ireland must have been amazing, too!

  2. Hi Cherry! I want you to know that I think of you often and so wish we lived closer. I'd have coffee or tea once a week and ask you everything I could about being a mother and a TCK :) I am not getting to read too many blogs, but wish I could spend more time here, too. I memorized these verses in the ESV earlier this year, but I love this translation. It was wonderful to let them be re-planted in my heart right here and right now. MUCH LOVE!

    1. Abby, it was so fun to see your comment here! I totally understand about not being able to read too many blogs - and it is a special treat to see you here when it works for you:) I need to go over and check your latest post now ...

  3. I needed this today, Cherry. I still live life too hurried. I want to be better about staying in the moment instead of worrying about the next thing.

    1. Lisa, thanks for your visit - it seems that slowing would be easier during our empty nest years, doesn't it? Somehow we still need to reminded for life continues to be full. I need to focus on this continually ...

  4. Yes, this time of year I need to slow down even when everything around me speeds up. Especially when everything around me speeds up, actually!

    1. You expressed this so well ... "slow down even when everything around me speeds up". Thanks for your visit!